Why Wounded Warrior Project?

Don is a Veteran of the United States Army. He served as a Combat medical specialist in the 82nd Airborne Division. We have great respect for all Veterans and their families, and want to give back to help make sure they get the support they need. That’s why we have chosen to give 10% of our sales to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Can I order a custom piece?
Yes! We would love to get in contact with you to see what we can do for you. You can reach out on our contact page and we will get back to you shortly.
Where do we get our stones?

Our stones come from a variety of places! Some of them we go out and find, and others are purchased from gem and mineral shows and from other people we know who mine them. They are all bought as raw chunks of rock or slabs, and they are cut trimmed, shaped and polished by hand.

Where does our metal come from?

All our metal work is hand forged from a sheet and wire purchased in bulk from a supplier.

What does our name mean?
Why “The Green Gorilla” you ask? The big green monster truck we used to use for our prospecting and camping trips was nicknamed G.G. aka “The Green Gorilla”. It was also used as a firewood delivery truck for a few years, and Don became known as The Green Gorilla. We had to keep the name since it screams jewelry. Well, maybe not, but I bet you won’t forget it!

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